Yoga Mats – The Best Selection You Can Get

Are you looking for a new yoga mat? Or do you want to get into yoga and want to get your first own yoga mat? EMP Industries, an Australian owned and Melbourne based company is specialized in offering yoga mats. We understand that the needs and preferences of yogis vary. Therefore we have made it our goal to offer our customers the best yoga mats in the world at great prices.

Are you looking for a yoga mat that is anti-slip and provides you with the best traction? EMP Industries certainly has the solution for you. We offer yoga mats made out of 100% natural rubber, TPE, JUTE PER or foam. The best thing is that no matter what price category you are interested in, we will have the right yoga mat for you – from budget yoga mats to Jade Yoga Mats or VB yoga mats.

Our most popular mats are:
– Jade Yoga Mat (best traction and 100% rubber) — click here to view
– VB Yoga Mat (German manufactured high premium yoga mat) — click here to view
– Budget Foam Yoga Mat (great price!) — click here to view

Yoga mats are thinner than regular exercise or pilates mats to allow optimal balance while yet giving you some cushioning to support your knees, feet, hands, etc.. In order to hold poses it is necessary that yoga mats provide you with some form of traction and anti-slip behavior. This grip enables you to hold poses even when your hands and feet get sweaty. Some yoga mats even have moisture absorbing functionalities which means that excess sweat is absorbed by the mat giving you better grip. The regular size of a yoga mat is usually around 60 to 62cm wide and 172-176cm long. EMP also offers extra wide and/or extra long yoga mats for taller yogis (click here to view).

If you are travelling a lot with your yoga mat you might want to consider a thinner yoga mat that is lighter and easier to carry than some of the high quality mats. We offer a great range of travel yoga mats that weigh less than 2kg and are smaller when rolled up (due to their thinner fabric).

EMP also offers many other Yoga Props and Yoga Accessories that you might want. For example we offer Yoga Blocks, Yoga Blankets, Stretching Straps, Yoga DVDs, and much much more. Simple check out our website: EMP Industries Website – click here

Happy ending massage by Thai Massage Woman in Chinese Massage Center

Chinese Happy ending massages are all around all of us, as well as infamously popular in the deep underbelly from the salacious world of sensuous massages. But what are Happy ending massage really? Discover from this experience by an Unknown Fella.

What is an Chinese Massage?

Chinese therapeutic massage is actually any therapeutic massage style that uses methods coded in Parts of asia. Records reveal that massage was practiced within China as part of health care as soon as 3,000 W.D. Today the main types of Chinese therapeutic massage tend to be amma and tui-na through The far east, shiatsu from Asia, as well as Indian massage through Thailand. Many people think reflexology is really a form of Oriental therapeutic massage, however it had been coded in America in the early Twentieth century.

What is a Happy ending massage?

For the much less knowledgeable, a Happy ending massage is really a therapeutic massage that’s done by a woman on the man, and the woman surface finishes from the guy with a real handjob or even more. Now that is fairly thrilling, and certainly the fetish directly out of a fantasy globe for most males.

My personal very first Happy ending massage.

The next weekend, I discovered myself standing in the busy Thai lane, small , full of shops, as well as staring at the panel which looked brand new as well as fancy. Quite in contrast to the actual dull, cheap locations you’d anticipate seeing reading reviews associated with Happy ending massage!

I strolled in to the shop as well as was introduced to a bevy associated with small Asians, giggling as well as whispering. It was truly awkward, also it experienced sweaty. However i suspected these people wanted me personally to choose a girl. Following finishing up all the thank you’s, the actual parlor employer lady, who was a rather appealing more mature woman himself asked me to pay her ahead of time.

I discovered which very surprising, let’s say We didn’t like the massage. However i didn’t proceed all the way there to go home, and so i paid her about a $ 100, for the works, as she place it.

Enjoying my personal illegal therapeutic massage

I’d noticed that a Happy ending massage had been unlawful all over the place apart from in The state of nevada, and so i had been worried in the event that there is likely to be a cop sticking their baton up my personal tail in the near future, but I was convinced by the shop lady. “No law enforcement. This lawful. Enjoy. Go. Go.”

In some way, individuals monosyllabic series of responses settled my anxiety and that i lay out.

This began like a regular massage, however it had been thrilling. We covered a tiny towel throughout my waistline and closed my personal eyes when i waited for the great time to come. The masseur I picked had been dressed in the pure whitened top along with a black breast support, as well as had been sensually shifting her arms throughout me personally, occasionally grazing her soft breasts towards my personal shoulder blades. [Read: Tips to stare at a women’s bosom without getting caught]

It was instead backbone prickling, like seeing a beauty salon and achieving hair cut with a mischievous girl. You realize, like days past once the hairstylist begins to get naughty as well as leans on you greater than necessary?

Me personally and the Chinese Happy ending massage.

I’d heard that Thai deep massages were great, however things i experienced was extremely good. This felt good, not like what lots of people state. It wasn’t filthy, dingy, filled with unsightly ladies, nothing. It had been a great Asian therapeutic massage!

I had been love the sensation of getting the massage, and located personally going to her once per week. The actual surprises began improving and that i found myself making love with her each week. I acquired to know her better, and we even began conference up beyond our “professional” workspace. The lady was a nice girl, and incredibly affectionate, touchy feely as well as pleasant. At times, her surprises included as well getting another girl set for the therapeutic massage. Existence had been good. With no bitter being right here. Every day life is still great!

Therapeutic massage experiences and reminiscences.

Now there are lots of stories about these types of girls becoming unlawful immigration as well as lower income stricken, as well as my masseur told me which it’s in keeping with a particular extent. However it’s not always the situation. Some girls just choose this particular occupation.

About 6 months once i first met my personal masseur, she quit the massage parlor and commenced being employed as a server, and she now functions in a bank. We’re nevertheless friends, and that i occasionally get a surprise through the woman’s! It’s not unlawful to obtain a massage from a friend, right? [Read: How you can have sex with a friend]

I’m legislation abiding citizen now, as well as my personal Chinese therapeutic massage experiences have been enjoyable. We can’t say all experiences are going to be great, neither do I recommend buying one. But a Happy ending massage is definitely a great fantasy that’s worth thinking about!

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Keeping Your Gym Members Safe with a Portable AED

Many gyms and health clubs provide state-of-the-art training and equipment to help their members lead long, strong lives. It’s also important to make certain that these facilities have state-of-the-art safety equipment such as CPR supplies and a portable AED (automatic external defibrillator).
Without the proper safety equipment, the risk of health club members’ deaths greatly increases. In Massachusetts a woman died from sudden cardiac arrest and while an off-duty paramedic tried to revive her, he did not have the necessary equipment – namely a portable AED. Led by local legislators and the late woman’s mother, the state now requires that every fitness center own an AED and have a trained user on duty during all staffed business hours.
That is just one example of how a portable AED can combat such tragedies. Unfortunately, the cost of an automated external defibrillator (as low as $1,000) often times stops health clubs and gyms from providing these life-saving devices. With states now requiring portable AEDs, health clubs may be required to comply and provide the life-saving equipment even if it means negatively impacting the bottom line.
Once finances are in order, purchasing a portable AED can be easy if you keep in mind the following steps:
1.Ensure that the company you are entrusting with your health equipment needs is supported by the Better Business Bureau. Look into the awards they’ve received – especially safety awards – as well as feedback from their current customers. Are they easy and friendly to work with? Do you feel they will be around for the long haul? Can you trust them with the health and safety of your members?
2.Make sure that your portable defibrillators come with a warranty to protect against any malfunctions. While many units are vigorously tested to ensure they are performing properly, you want to rest easy knowing a backup is available if you need it.
3.Look into a Loaner Program which allows for customers to receive an identical defibrillator unit to replace a unit that needs service or repair. Verify that your AED supplier will provide a loaner unit if your unit ever needs to be serviced, repaired or replaced.
4.Verify that the AED comes complete with everything you need to get started, including the device itself as well as a carrying case, electrodes, a battery, operations manual, training DVD and AED check card. Don’t forget the aforementioned Warranty and Loaner Program.
5.Examine the various customer service offerings and see if they meet your needs. Do units come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee? What is the charge for shipping? Are there any additional products offered (either discounted or free-of-charge) that you can bundle with your order?
6.When an AED is available, proper training on how to use the device is a key component. The American Red Cross provides training in addition to other life-saving training such as CPR and first aid. According to the Red Cross, its -first aid, CPR and AED programs are designed to give you the confidence to respond in an emergency situation with skills that can save a life.-
Supporting the health and fitness of one’s local community goes well above supplying cardio equipment and free weights. Gym and health club executives need to proactively ensure their members are safe at all times.

MAC Cosmetics offers the professional formulas to help you

MAC Cosmetics offers the professional formulas to help you become the best person you can be.With a variety of colors and mac cosmetics Coupons, you will be able to find a different look for every day of the week.MAC Cosmetics offers many liners as well as mascaras to widen and brighten the eye.You will be able to save on a delicious dinner from the Melting Pot Couponsor experience a shopping trip to remember. With MAC Coupons you can purchase the professional brushes you need to perfect the application of MAC Cosmetics.With all your MAC Cosmetic needs fulfilled, be sure to check your brushes.You will definitely notice a difference in the precision of these amazing brushes.When you are ready to show off your new look be sure to access the savings offered from Coupons Printable.Gives you a choice of variable colour From the very natural to the very sophisticated Used as a simple touch of colour Allows you to shape your face,by emphasizing contours.The Mac foundation gently illuminates skin Gives a natural,gorgeous glow for skin Ensures complexion not look dull or flat Lightweight & easily glides onto skin Oil-free & non sticky.Mac concealer is a light textured cream to wear on the eyes as an undercoat to eye makeup.Primes the lids.Smooths textures,neutralizes lid colour,helps eyeshadow stays on longer.Use under eye shadow,pigments,paints and concealers.An Mac lip gloss, moisture lip gloss Provides a long-lasting and ultra-gloss look With intense colours and perfect finish With smooth formula keeps your lips comfortable.Simple yet luxurious,Mac lipstick Gives intense color Luminous & satiny effects Supple, ultra fine texture that glides onto skin smoothly Wide color ranges from tender to sensual,natural to sophisticated A trigger of seduction from this new beauty accessory. Natural Mac Brushes take advantage of the special properties of natural fibers, such as sable, pony, goat squirrel,and badger. Flexibility and resiliency vary between hair types,thus it is carefully selected according to their purposes and areas of application,to achieve the optimum combination of touch and results.

Anti Aging Skin Care Habits This Can Include Making Skin Color Look Older

Antioxidants skin maintenance systems are specially for your face. Antioxidants are critical in for the healing and anti-aging properties it contains. If you like to use a product that has the true ability to give you look healthier, you would then obviously use one that is rich in vitamin antioxidant.

Use a moisturizer after every warm shower. The thickest moisturizers retain the most oil and are most likely the best option during winter. Plus, thinner ones may contain alcohol, will be very blow drying. If you’re shopping for moisturizer, examine the label; in the event the list of ingredients includes alcohol, squeeze bottle back on the shelf and appear for something else.

The user puts their cleanser upon the brush and starts in the forehead. The brush will beep two times during use to alert the user to to be able to a different region for this face. Exactly what so great is how the system is waterproof, so it can be brought into the shower.

Several years ago, my sons filled me with a keychain fob that read, “twenty-nine and holding”. Who doesn’t want feel and look young as well as? This worldwide preoccupation has led many, especially the baby-boomers, looking for the best anti-aging Skin Care items, the actual and developing markets your healthcare market. I must admit I fell into this pit of attempting to stay aged look excellent.

Yonka could be the product of 1 of forward manufacturers of this premium quality botanical products who hope to keep epidermis glowing and healthy for quite some time. These products are notable for for their healing value and help enrich the lives with art with the beauty traditions. They have merchandise which are top class and regarding the world to say about the brand.

Prevent skin irritation with regard to outside. Wear gloves defend your fretting hand. Replace wet clothes with dry ones right separated. And apply sunscreen for any skin anyone be open to the sun-generated.

Make a careful athleanx workout review you skin’s care requirements. Simply because your girlfriend or wife needs a whole hour to wash and treat her face every evening does not ensure your skin need to have the same care. The faces of guys prove staying more resilient to weather than the actual faces of girls, which means your natual skin care program will likely not be nearly so solid. An easy gentle cleaner at nite ought regarding sufficient to do the huge undertaking.

Following is really a list of oils which you can use for natual skin care. Identify those that will work for your condition, then pick one or two to make an attempt at. The best way to pick a quality oil for you personally personally is to go a store that sells the oils and smell them. Those that smell good to an individual usually the most therapeutic for you personally personally.

Egyptian Pottery – Ageless Beauty

Ancient Egypt could be a place of wild beauty and great fascination to several people today. Once, a hotbed of intrigue, commerce, and trade there is a lot of regarding Egypt that remains dark and mysterious even in the modern world in that we currently live. One factor is for certain but, the ancient Egyptians were artisans in their own right and one kind of art in which they excelled was pottery. The pottery of ancient Egypt is usually imitated today for several reasons.

Students have come back to some kind of consensus of belief that the ancient Egyptians could are the first to use enamel in pottery-a observe that adds great beauty and value to the pottery items, creating them a true work of art. The wonderful issue is that this is often one thing that was introduced, we tend to believe, nearly four thousand years ago and remains valued in today’s fashionable society.

To illustrate simply how vital pottery was to the ancient Egyptians there are actually pieces of pottery that are included in the ancient hieroglyphics that depicted acts of commonplace living in this ancient civilization. Pottery was included in more than a few of those glimpses into history establishing its importance and also the commonality of its use.

Pottery in ancient Egypt was almost always created to be used instead of created for decoration. Even the smaller items were meant to hold perfumes with the larger items of pottery holding grains, water, wine, and even meat for later use or consumption. The pottery of ancient Egypt could also be found in several sizes to accommodate the different wants the pottery filled. It had been common to search out numerous pieces ranging in sizes from inches tall to three or four feet in height. Pottery was as common to the Egyptians of old as appliances are today and it did serve to create life go much a lot of smoothly for the individuals who used it.

In ancient Egypt pottery was also used for a number of the foremost sacred rites of burial. Pottery pieces were used to carry certain organs when they were faraway from the body throughout the embalming method to arrange the body for burial. Each of the following: heart and lungs, liver, small intestines, and the abdomen were placed in four separate containers made of pottery and buried along with the body. It ought to be noted that the Egyptians aren’t the only civilization to use pottery in relation to the dead. The traditional Greeks additionally stored the ashes of their dead in ceramic containers.

Staying Active In Old Age

Growing older shouldnt mean growing inactive even in old age it is very important to remain as active as physically possible. No matter what your age or current state of health, exercising is a necessary and important part of healthy aging and as long as you are not at a high risk for injury, most types of exercise will still be suitable for seniors, especially those who are younger and/or have been physically active for most of their lives. Even seniors with physical impairments can keep active in order to remain healthy and happy.

Being inactive can cause elders to lose ground in four areas that are fundamental for staying healthy and independent: strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Different exercises can help elderly citizens maintain and even restore a degree of functionality in these four key areas.

There are multiple types and categories of physical exercise, each with its own benefits:

Cardiovascular: as the name indicates, cardiovascular exercises are good for your heart they get the blood pumping and increase your heart rate

Good examples of cardio exercise: swimming, walking, light cycling, hiking, golf, water aerobics

Strength Training: improving the conditions of your muscles and bones can make daily activities easier and keep you mobile longer

Good example of strength training: tai chi, yoga, pilates, stretching often

Balance Training: exercises in this category are particularly important for seniors are they can improve muscle strength and prevent falls; additionally, the healthier and more physically fit your body, the less severe the impact of a fall will be.

Good examples of balance training: resistance training with light weights, weight machines, resistance band stretches

Besides the commonly espoused benefits of exercise, recent studies show that seniors who remain active after the age of 70 are less likely to experience age-related declines in mental functioning. Many studies have shown a strong correlation between physical activity in old age and reduced mental impairment, but clearly it is important not just to be active but to remain active as we age.

Additionally, some studies have even shown that exercise can reverse some of the effects that aging has on the brains capacities by creating new brain cells research is still underway in this area, but it is possible that exercising could improve mental abilities in seniors.

The benefits of exercising extend far beyond the well-documented medical and health improvements exercising can improve your ability to keep up with younger family members and grandchildren and can keep you more active in your community by increasing your mobility and energy level. Whatever your reason for staying active as you age, actives seniors will see varied benefits that positively impact all aspects of their life.

As with all health related concerns, consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regimen as they will be better equipped to recommend fitness routines and exercises that will suit your needs.

Yoga, Pilates & Fitness Equipment At Emp Industries

EMP Industries is a Melbourne based and Australian owned company that is specialized in Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Equipment as well as Clothing. The great thing about EMP is the secure and convenient online store ( that allows you to order all their goods via the Internet and have them delivered to your doorstep (or pick them up from their office if you are close by and want to save on delivery).

The product range EMP Industries offers ranges from Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Meditation, Wellness to general Fitness products. Their bestsellers are:

Yoga Mat – Super Grip & Traction (the incredible large variety of yoga mats ranges from 100% eco-friendly Jade Rubber mats over Budget Foam Grip Mats to German manufactured VB mats) — click here to view

Pilates Mat (various types and sizes that provide great cushioning) — click here to view

Yoga Blocks | Yoga Block (various materials such as Cork, Foam or Wood available in different sizes) — click here to view

Yoga Blankets (your Yoga Blanket available in organic cotton and multiple colours) — click here to view

Bolsters & Meditation Cushions (available in different sizes and different stuffing) — click here to view

Exercise Balls / Stability Balls / Swiss Balls / Fitness Balls (available in different sizes and burst resistances) — click here to view

Pilates Ball / Poz-a-Ball (available in different sizes) — click here to view

Pilates Rings (foam or plastic handles) — click here to view

Foam Rollers (available in long, short, round, half D, hexagonal massage surface) — click here to view

Stretching Straps / Yoga Straps / Yoga Belts (improve your flexibility by using stretching straps. Available in different colors and with different buckle types) — click here to view

Yogitoes Skidless Towels / Yoga Towels (great anti-slip towel that absorbs sweat and fits perfectly over your mat. Great for Bikram Yoga) — click here to view

Dumbbells / Kettlebells / Weights / Weighted Balls / Medicine Balls (different sizes and weights available for various fitness purposes such as Pilates, Abdominal Workout, Agility Training, etc) — click here to view

Mat Bags and Carry Straps (do you carry your yoga mat or pilates mat around? Then a mat bag or carry strap is the perfect solution to conveniently do so. EMP offers cotton mat bags as well as larger travel bags) — click here to view

Yoga DVD, Pilates DVD, Dance DVD & Fitness DVD (EMP Industries offers a great range of different DVDs that allow you to practice at home and get fit. We have an extensive collection of Stott Pilates DVDs, Yoga DVDs, Prenatal Workout DVDs and Dance DVDs such as the Bollywood Dance Workout) — click here to view

EMP offers many more yoga, pilates, wellness, meditation and fitness products than mentioned above. For example we sell Netipots which are nasal douches that originated in India. They are a healthy and easy way to clear your sinuses. Also EMP distributes many American yoga clothing labels such as Hard Tail, Beyond Yoga, Be Present, Bhakti Ware and Inner Waves Organics. For all environment lovers EMP Industries offers a wide range of eco-friendly Fitness products and clothing options.

Please visit our Website at for more details. Browse our online shop to find all our great yoga, pilates, wellness, meditation and fitness products. We also offer bulk pricing!

Aftershave Know The History!

Scents have been one of the most intriguing and attractive of gifts given to the mankind, there are very less of us who can actually resist looking twice at the person who passed us smelling exotic. No wonder, ever since the civilization started experimentation with different scents began.

Aftershave lotions are a part of scent family!

All those products where perfume in one form or the other is included becomes automatically one of the members of scent family, therefore, though aftershave lotion was initially used to burn off any remains of bacteria that could cause serious skin problem, however, as perfume started getting incorporated into the lotion, it became one of the necessary factors of male grooming.

One of the earliest aftershave, which is still in vogue today is the Eau De Cologne, people who loved the smell still relish it and use it, one of the most classy ones of its times, the cologne is very much loved. However, later on there has been introduction of several different and more attractive aftershave lotions.

Makers of these lotions ensured that the lotions did not just give out the desired enigmatic smell, but these also proved to be worthy of what they were created for. Most of the aftershave lotions have been enhanced with antiseptic ingredients that will save your skin from any infection due to the cuts you have endured during your shaving.

How to use an aftershave lotion?

Take lotion in your palm and apply for sizzling (skin burning) effects. Some people use the aftershave immediately after the shave, some prefer taking bath and then using the aftershave, whenever, you use it the effects are most likely to be the same, the subtle scent of the aftershave will enthrall anyone who comes near you.

There are so many different types of aftershave lotions, you can make a choice of those which do not burn, however, enduring the burning sensation is one of the masculine things about aftershave lotion, therefore, companies though there are breakthrough chemicals which can eliminate burning altogether, have preferred using alcohol or spirit in the aftershave lotions.

Range of aftershave lotions has become huge, people are not opting for the traditional western scents any more, there are many exotic scents the world over, therefore, makers of toiletries are making an effort of introducing people with newer perfumes and scents each time.

How to match aftershave with other scents used regularly?
There are many ways you can ensure that your aftershave matches, not just your personality but also the fact that the aftershave should be in sync with other types of perfumes you are about to use. The best way to ensure that there would not be any fashion faux pas, you should can buy entire range of toiletries that would include, deodorizer, perfume, cologne, aftershave, talcum powder, hair gel, (inclusion on numbers of products depends on each manufacturer), etc.

Aftershave lotions are available everywhere, so choosing one for any occasion is not difficult, make your choice and enhance your attractiveness.

Skin Tightening Oils – Discover Healthy And Natural Essential Oils That Fight Aging Signs

It’s unbelievable, but skin tightening oils help bring back your young-looking skin. Ingredients which are natural essential oils found in healthy skincare products that work at fighting those aging signs to bring back your youthful complexion.

Many skin care companies in the marketplace use oils for firming and deaging your skin. But, are the oils they use healthy, safe or even effectively?

After researching natural anti aging face cream products, I’ve discovered that they do use oils but unfortunately they are not natural or even skin safe.

The products you find on the store shelves use harmful chemical ingredients to increase shelf-life of their products. And, those synthetic substances are just not healthy, aren’t effective are battling the aging skins or are even safe for your skin.

So avoid skincare creams laced with chemicals that go by names like mineral oil, dioxane and parabens. Because those synthetic chemicals — are just not safe for your skin since they may be linked to possible cancers, cause various allergic reactions, and even give you skin rashes.

Therefore you’ll want to look for skin care products which contain ingredients that are 100% natural, safe and effective. Especially look for skin tightening oils which provide nutrients, hydrate, are compatible with your own skin, and deal with the many signs of aging.

Some of the best natural essential oils you’ll want to use are avocado, macadamia and grapeseed oil. And when used, these healthy oils work in synergy with other natural ingredients like shea butter and natural vitamin E to reclaim your lost firm, healthy and youthful complexion naturally.

By discovering skin tightening oils that are chemical-free and found in natural skin care products, you’ll effectively fight the aging signs to achieve that healthy youthful complexion everyone envies.

Now that you know the skin tightening oils which are healthy, safe and effective, continue researching natural ingredients and find your skin firming cream that keeps your skin tight, healthy and young looking.